The Floor is Lava!

Play here: Beta level available on Kongregate




The Floor is Lava is a Puzzle-based Platformer built and programmed in the Unity3D game engine.

Designed as the final project in Game Design as a Cultural Practice with Celia Pearce, we were tasked to to create a any type of game with four constraints in mind:

  1. No killing
  2. No post-apocalyptic scenarios
  3. No medieval fantasy elements
  4. Must appeal to an age demographic outside of ours

With these limitations in mind, we arrranged into small production teams, with each person having designated roles on the team. We chose to build a game in the Unity engine due to familiarity and experience.

Team PCP:

Leah Criscolo - Project Manager

Programming Team
Josh Faubel - Lead Programmer
Brent Blihovde - Programmer
Matt Postema - Programmer
Patrick Shim - Level Designer

Art Team:
Ryan Simmons - Main Character Modelling & Animation
Zak Owens - Concept Art & Furniture Modelling

Design Document:

Download Here - The design document explains the final design of our game.