Demo Reel 2012

Scene Breakdown:

Scene 1: Opposing Balls
Animator, Modeler
Autodesk Maya 2010

  • An original short animation created for the Contruction of the Moving Image class at Georgia Tech. The idea was to take two balls of different materials and show how they react differently. This scene is the portrayal of how the little water balloon is affected by the playful bowling ball that does not know its own strength.
  • Responsible for developing the entire scene in Maya. Modeling, texturing, animation, lighting and rendering.

Scene 2: The Wolf Vs. the Beach Ball
Autodesk Maya 2010

  • Another short animation created for Constructing the Moving Image. This was our final project, in which we were given free reign for the topic. I used this as practice for quadruped animation principles. I set up the shot to make it appear as if the wolf is trying to fight an unfamiliar object. When it turns out the beach ball does not fight back, the wolf turns playful. The beachball ends up with the last laugh.
  • Resonsible for the animation, modeling of the beach ball, lighting and rendering in Maya.
  • Credit to Niklas Wennersten from Creative Crash for the wolf rig

Scene 3: The Floor is Lava Kid
Modeler, Rigger, Animator
Autodesk Maya 2012

  • Lava Kid character created for the game prototype The Floor is Lava. Modeled the kid from concept art created by Zack Owens. The idea was to create a little kid with a big imagination that runs and jumps his way through a furniture store that he imagines as a fiery pit of lava.
  • Responsible for the modeling, texturing, rigging, and animation of the kid in Maya.

Scene 4: Fighting Gravity
Autodesk Maya 2010

  • Brief animation used to practice the animation principle of weight. A comedic piece that shows the struggle of a guy who lifts a heavy box with terrible form. He struggles initially, but eventually he is able to lift it. Irrational happiness shines from his eyes.
  • Responsible for the animation, modeling of the environment, and rendering in Maya.
  • Credit to Peter Starostin for the Max rig.

Scene 5: Mermaids MMORPG
Animator, Rigger
Autodesk Maya 2012, Unity3D

  • A test level for the Mermaids research project being created by the Georgia Tech Emergent Game Group, led by Celia Pearce. The level is part of a project by Adam LeDoux to simulate a working ecosystem within the game. It is populated by many different types of fictional plants and fish that interact autonomously and enable the environment to grow and expand.
  • Responsible for the rigging and animation of the fish in Maya. Animations imported into Unity3D.
  • Credit to Bobby Ray Blackburn for the fish models.

Scene 6: Walk Cycle
Autodesk Maya 2010

  • A walk cycle created for Construction of the Moving Image. The character being animated is a large, well-built tough guy that is wearing a leotard. The idea was to give him a fairly typical strong guy walk, but to add a bit of grace and finesse to it.
  • Responsible for the animation of the walk cycle in Maya.
  • Credit to Josh Burton for the Morpheus rig.

Scene 7: In the Hall of the Mountain King
Motion Capture Actor, Rigger, Animator
Autodesk Maya 2011, Mudbox 2011, Adobe After Effects CS4

  • Rendered scenes from a music video for Edvard Grieg's famous piece In the Hall of the Mountain Kingcreated for Digital Video FX. It tells the story of a man that falls asleep and dreams he is discovering the King's hall. He gets harassed and attacked by various monsters, and is finally woken when the Kind blows him out of the hall. Motion capture was used to create the animation for the various creatures.
  • Responsible for the motion capture acting, data processing, animation smoothing, and rigging to the models in Maya. Also responsible for modeling of the rocky golem and rendering of the animations for compositing in After Effects.
  • Credit to Hernan Liatis for the editing and special effects in After Effects.

Scene 8: Dancing Flour Sack
Autodesk Maya 2010

  • A short animation created to show character emotion without facial expressions. The flour sack starts out very excited, jumping and dancing around with fervor. He uses up all of his energy and gets very tired, eventually collapsing from exhaustion.
  • Resonsible for the animation, texturing of the sack, and modeling of the environment in Maya.
  • Credit to Belal Ballout from Creative Crash for the flour sack rig.